Brewgenda is a simple but effective app to help you remember the items that you need for your next brew day! Schedule all of your brewing processes and your ingredient and hardware/part orders.

Scheduling is the foundation of Brewgenda. Brewgenda gives the brewer the ability to schedule temperature changes and durations for fermentation and lagering. Want to filter or package on a day 8 weeks later, schedule it so you won’t forget. Brewgenda helps the brewer be consistent when producing the same beers.

The database for the ingredients, major hardware and parts is over 2500+ items. We will continue to increase it over time. The brewer can add their own item in if it is not in the database.

Create an ingredient list for your next brew so you can order it two weeks before brew day to ensure everything is there and you have enough time to make a yeast starter. If a part is needed for the new brew, schedule the order date and it will remind you to order it.

Hoping to get a new piece of gear in the future? Add it to the Wishlist. A Reminder Lead Time lets you set the actual brew date and it will automatically remind you however many days you set the lead time brew day so you can make sure you order your ingredients so you know they will be delivered on time.

The Brewgenda app history started as I home brewed and I ran out of some ingredients and needed some parts for the next brew day. After that brew day ended, I promptly forgot what I needed! I thought and designed a storyboard for what would be needed in the app for helping brewers remember what they needed to do and when to order items. It is not the fanciest app but it is designed to help the brewer remember to order ingredients or set temperature schedules. We will continue to develop the app as we go along so if you have any bugs, questions, comments or some process changes, please let us know!


-2500+ ingredient and hardware/parts database (continual database additions)

-Add your own item to the database

-Schedule your cold side brew process

-Schedule your ingredient orders

-Schedule your hardware or misc part orders

-A Wishlist lets you hope and dream for that next piece of equipment

-Imperial or Metric Measurements

-Apple Calendar Sync

-Set a Reminder Lead Time for Shipping times